Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Choosing your wedding car

When you get married, the first things you tend to think about are what to wear and where to have the ceremony and reception. Thoughts about transport often come later on. However, your wedding car is important. Turning up to your own wedding in a taxi or the back of Dad's car is just not the same as turning up in a specially chosen vehicle that you love which also suits the style or theme of your wedding. If you're getting married and wondering which kind of wedding car is best for you, read through the options below for some ideas.

Classic cars

A classic car is a great choice for your wedding. Chic, elegant and suitable for just about any kind of wedding, a classic car shows that you have really thought about your wedding day and want to make sure everything about it is stylish. Choose an old favourite such as a Rolls Royce or Bentley, or go for something a little more unusual with an older classic car such as a 1920s Buick.

Modern cars

If older cars aren't your thing, then why not try one of today's luxury models? If you enjoy driving and know your cars, then why not choose a high quality modern car? If you've always dreamed of travelling in a top-of-the-range BMW or Audi, this could be your chance.

Luxury limos

Limos are real special occasion cars, and always turn heads. They're roomy enough to get everyone, so the whole bridal party can travel together. That's often much more fun than needing two or more separate cars to get everyone there. Limos are comfortable and roomy, so if you have a long drive to the venue, they could be the ideal choice.

Sports cars

If you're a speed freak, then a sports car could be the ideal wedding car. If you love watching motor racing, why not evoke that spirit and arrive at your wedding in one of the most powerful cars on the road? How about a Porsche, Lotus or Lexus?

Cars with a difference

If none of the above options appeal to you, why not look for something completely different? Whether you met while dating Oxford professionals or Bristol based students, this is the first day of the rest of your life together, which means making joint decisions and compromising. Why not choose a wedding car that reflects your personalities. You could go for a monster truck, a classic VW camper, or ditch motorised transport altogether and arrive in a horse and carriage.

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